Why use a HETAS registered installer?

A HETAS registered installer is a competent individual that is approved to self certify that their work meets and complies with current building regulations and approved document J. Most importantly you know that you and your family are in safe hands. If you were to use a company/builder that is not HETAS registered you must apply to your local building authority control department for a building notice. You will then be charged the relevant fee (sometimes up to £300).


After your installation is complete, the client will then receive a certificate of compliance. This legally required document is then used to validate your house insurance and will be requested from solicitors if you decide to sell your home. Another certificate of compliance is also then issued to HETAS, who will notify the local building authority control department on your behalf.


Please be aware just because a company is HETAS registered does not always guarantee quality well installed work. That is why you should use O'Neill Brickwork & Stove Installations

Why choose O'Neill Brickwork & Stove Installations?

HETAS Registered

Certificate Issued With Every Installation

Public Liability

Full Public liability Insurance

Craft Brickwork Accreditation

Fully Qualified Advanced Craft Brickwork Accreditation

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